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High-Speed Virtual Hosting with Hostspidy

Do you want to get rid of all the hassles of purchasing and maintaining your own server as well as the connection to the internet? Then opt for our virtual hosting services. We help our customers who want a website with registration assistance, domain name, multiple domain names that map to the registered domain name, email addresses, directory setup for the files of the websites and many more. You will only need an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) to exchange files with the virtual host.

Our virtual hosting has the following features –

  • Secure access to configuration as well as resource files
  • Secure access to administration tools
  • For virtual machines, there are configurable user context
  • Scripting API
  • Administration website
  • Support

Here are some advantages of our virtual hosting services –

Flexibility and scalability

  • In order to increase the capacity, virtual resources can be quickly added
  • Adding RAM and vCPUs is quite simple just as a reboot
  • You get the freedom to buy only what you need
  • You get to add extra disk space when you need
  • Saves power as well as money by reducing the need to over-build a server

Shorter deployment time for new servers

  • From a single image, multiple servers can be created
  • Staffing time for deploying a new service is reduced
  • No procurement of hardware

Simplified testing and development environment

  • From production images, development servers may be created with no downtime
  • With virtualization, the costs of production, staging and running separate development is reduced
  • The speed of development cycle is increased, as images can be modified, testes and deployed fast into production

Why choose our virtual hosting services?

Hostspidy is a renowned name in the field of virtual hosting. In order to make your applications 100% efficient as well as productive, we have a wide range of latest virtual servers to offer. We provide this server with cost-effective web hosting services. We offer four plans for virtual hosting – basic, premium, leading and advance. All you have to do is to select the one that suits the needs of your business perfectly. If you face any technical issue at any point in time, don’t worry. Our customer support team is available 24/7 and they have answers to all your queries.

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USD 0/mo

Or INR 11500.00 Yearly!

  • 20 GB HDD
  • 1000 GB Bandwidth
  • 1024 MB RAM
  • 1 Dedicated IP Addresses
  • cPanel/WHM Included
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USD 0/mo

Or INR 17000.00 Yearly!

  • 40 GB HDD
  • 1000 GB Bandwidth
  • 2048 MB RAM
  • 1 Dedicated IP Addresses
  • cPanel/WHM Included
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USD 0/mo

Or INR 17999.00 Yearly

  • 50 GB HDD
  • 3000 GB Bandwidth
  • 3000 MB RAM
  • 4 Dedicated IP Addresses
  • cPanel/WHM Included
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USD 0/mo

Or INR 19000.00 Yearly!

  • 80 GB HDD
  • 4000 GB Bandwidth
  • 4000 MB RAM
  • 4 Dedicated IP Addresses
  • cPanel/WHM Included
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Features Virtual Servers
Backups Available

Hard disk failure and software bugs can cause websites to lose data. This is why it is really important to have backups of all information. We are a leading web hosting company in India that offers regular backup of files as well as database. With this feature, you can easily revert to a prior version of your website and restore whatever you want. You have the freedom to restore an entire website or a single file.

24/7 Support

Each product or service sold in the market should be backed by a good customer support service as part of its quality guarantee. And in fields such as web hosting, the role of customer support is indispensable. We have a team of experienced professionals who can assist you with all the server issues that you are facing. And the best part is that our team is available 24/7. You can call, chat or email us whenever you need assistance.

Website Builder

It is not that easy to set up a professional looking website. It requires a lot of knowledge about HTML, servers, site registrars as well as web hosting services. We are a renowned web hosting company offering a wide range of top quality web hosting services.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We stand behind our products and services. We guarantee that you will always get reliable hosting, 24/7 support and highest quality professional services from us. We strive to make you feel good about the service that you have got from us. With us, you are not just getting a web hosting service, but we are creating a partnership. We wholeheartedly want that you get success in your business, because when you are successful, we are successful.

Faster Page Loads

When it comes to the overall success of your business, page speed becomes very important. It can affect your SEO rankings, conversions, bounce rate, time on your site and the entire user experience. And this may lead to loss of customers and revenues. A good web hosting, such as us can make your page load faster. We provide powerful management tools as well as best quality server hardware so that you can interact with your customers in a fast and easy way.

Flexible, Tailored Hosting

We don’t offer one-size-fits-all solutions. Instead, we believe in offering our clients fully tailored and flexible services. We are a leading web hosting service provider and we offer a wide range of top-notch tailored services such as shared hosting, Windows hosting, dedicated hosting, Virtual server hosting, premium hosting, VPS hosting, managed hosting and many more to suit the need of our customers. And for all these services, we use the latest technology.